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Test: Hello World! (12:49:05AM 11/12/2020)
Anon: Hello (12:51:56AM 11/12/2020)
Zeniqle: hjsdfkjkjgnlet (1:15:40AM 11/12/2020)
Zen Two: ryhlrtblblkm ekgmper (1:15:44AM 11/12/2020)
Zeniqle: jhgwefhigfiugui (1:18:30AM 11/12/2020)
Zen Two: Hello (1:18:35AM 11/12/2020)
Zeniqle: abcdefgfeoker;g (1:18:39AM 11/12/2020)
Zen Two: rfrrgfergeg (1:18:44AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: Hi (1:18:59AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: hello (1:21:35AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: this is a lovely chatroom (1:21:54AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: I like the colours (1:22:00AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: blue is very nice (1:22:08AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: you are a brilliant man (1:22:18AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: thank you (1:22:35AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: dnsdvkhcbkjrbfk f l foiwhflkwnefl (1:22:41AM 11/12/2020)
Anon: Hello (1:23:04AM 11/12/2020)
Anon 2: Gibbons (1:23:16AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: I especially like the scrolling feature (1:23:38AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: what is gibbons? (1:24:09AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: I don't understand this language (1:24:29AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: this is brilliant (1:25:44AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: Hello World! (1:25:51AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: I like the font (1:25:55AM 11/12/2020)
Anon: Thank you (1:26:02AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: hello to you too (1:26:04AM 11/12/2020)
Test: Hello (1:26:17AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: it is 1:26am but you can see that because of the cool time stamps (1:27:21AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: avocados in burritos are highly acceptable (1:34:11AM 11/12/2020)
xoxo: Helu (1:41:28AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: helu (1:41:40AM 11/12/2020)
xoxo: This is really cool (1:42:03AM 11/12/2020)
Zeniqle: Thanks xoxo (1:42:59AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: i agree (1:42:59AM 11/12/2020)
Goraav: Zen is sexy af (1:42:59AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: i also agree to that (1:43:12AM 11/12/2020)
Goraav: My name is Goraav and I’m fat (1:43:14AM 11/12/2020)
Zeniqle: Hahahahah my g Goraav you're sexy af too (1:43:20AM 11/12/2020)
Goraav: Gay and fat (1:43:22AM 11/12/2020)
Goraav: No no zen I’m gay and fat (1:43:37AM 11/12/2020)
Goraav: Also Gavin is the best person in the world (1:43:49AM 11/12/2020)
Goraav: But this is not Gavin, it’s Goraav (1:44:13AM 11/12/2020)
Yolo : Why cant i see my message (1:44:19AM 11/12/2020)
Yolo : Oh i did now (1:44:38AM 11/12/2020)
Yolo : So are your replies like faster here (1:44:52AM 11/12/2020)
Zeniqle: Hahahahaha (1:45:18AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: no the service is quite slow (1:45:24AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: 1 star rating (1:46:01AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: Hi sexy (1:47:19AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: hello (1:48:11AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: get lost hoe (1:48:16AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: They call me bro but you can call me hoe (1:48:20AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: no (1:48:36AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: Don't do this i know you wanna aaha aaha (1:48:50AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: hi zen we’re all zen now (1:48:54AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: identity theft is not a joke Jim (1:49:11AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: please maintain silence mr.hoe (1:49:15AM 11/12/2020)
MOTU: hello (1:49:28AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: Are you jealous? (1:49:39AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: hello my man Motu (1:49:46AM 11/12/2020)
MOTU: Are you a hoe? (1:49:49AM 11/12/2020)
Meraz: Heyyy you (1:49:50AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: Come over (1:50:03AM 11/12/2020)
MOTU: Zenu do you know who I am? (1:50:11AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: will the real zen please stand up (1:50:15AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: hey (1:50:18AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: hello (1:50:26AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: maintain silence hoe (1:50:26AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: Why you do this (1:50:35AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: covid, no coming over (1:50:35AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: who are you Motu (1:50:42AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: Please i will give you the best bj (1:50:54AM 11/12/2020)
MOTU: ok (1:51:05AM 11/12/2020)
Amay: Hello (1:51:28AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: i appreciate the offer (1:51:33AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: is Zenu the actual zen (1:51:39AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: hows amsterdam Amay (1:51:44AM 11/12/2020)
Amay: its a vibe bro (1:51:50AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: yes (1:51:52AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: i’m kidding i’m the actual zen (1:52:01AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: Tchaks (1:52:14AM 11/12/2020)
tchaks: yes hoe (1:52:33AM 11/12/2020)
Amay: the url changes when I send a message (1:52:33AM 11/12/2020)
Amay: is that meant to happen? (1:52:41AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: yes it does (1:52:42AM 11/12/2020)
Hoe: Please come over i'm already turned on (1:53:14AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: yes its meant to happen, until i figure out a better way to transmit the messages (1:53:16AM 11/12/2020)
Amay: Come here to Amsterdam (1:54:03AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: I will come before you graduate (1:54:26AM 11/12/2020)
Amay: Lit (1:54:38AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Heyheyhey (1:54:47AM 11/12/2020)
Amay: Ill bring Far when we meet hopefully (1:54:56AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: hello butter chicken (1:55:05AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: zen bro kaisa hai tu (1:55:14AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Whats up zen? (1:55:15AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: i’m good bro (1:55:23AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Is zen zenu or zen (1:55:32AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: Amay i will come after you seal the deal with far (1:55:32AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: i’m zen (1:55:39AM 11/12/2020)
Amay: ok done (1:55:42AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: zenu is zenu (1:55:46AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: stop hahahah (1:55:46AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: simple (1:55:50AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Zen is talking to zen? (1:55:52AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: karthik calling karthik (1:56:03AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: HAHAHAH (1:56:09AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Zen calling zenu (1:56:22AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: i need to exclude duplicates now (1:56:32AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: identity theft (1:56:41AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Ok zenu is zen (1:56:45AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: omg can u kick us out (1:56:50AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Zen a lil shoutout pls (1:57:07AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: yes and zen is zenu (1:57:10AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: in the next update (1:57:11AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: 7enu (1:57:21AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Bbyee (1:57:40AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: shout out to butter chicken, cafe orritel is amazing butter chicken btw (1:57:42AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Hahaha (1:57:54AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: appreciate the offer but i shall pass (1:58:09AM 11/12/2020)
Butter chicken: Whut (1:58:10AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: i’m going to steal ur identity until the next update then let’s gooo (1:58:22AM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: hahahahaha rip (1:58:32AM 11/12/2020)
Anon: Dhdorbsoksbwosneozmxnx (2:37:55AM 11/12/2020)
Stranger: Hello (2:58:08AM 11/12/2020)
Nick1: https://youtu.be/QJHUbtR0yI8 (3:22:56AM 11/12/2020)
Aayush: Hello (10:12:46AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: Hi (10:55:01AM 11/12/2020)
Test: Damb (10:58:16AM 11/12/2020)
Test: Damn (10:58:20AM 11/12/2020)
Test: Niceeee (10:58:31AM 11/12/2020)
diya : hi (11:09:14AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: Thank you 🥰 (11:57:43AM 11/12/2020)
Zen: Hello diya (11:57:51AM 11/12/2020)
Xoxo: Hi (1:16:10PM 11/12/2020)
Jonas: Test msg (1:56:50PM 11/12/2020)
Jonas: Well done mate! (1:57:04PM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: Hello guys (1:57:23PM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: Thank you brother (1:57:53PM 11/12/2020)
hmmm: hmmmmmm (2:36:47PM 11/12/2020)
hmmm: (2:36:48PM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: Hmmmm (2:49:16PM 11/12/2020)
Ac: This shit looks cool (4:50:22PM 11/12/2020)
Zenu: HAHAH thank you so much (5:11:21PM 11/12/2020)
Adi: I love you Zen (8:00:00PM 11/12/2020)
Nick: Great work Zen (12:52:25PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Thank you so much! (1:00:56PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Yeet (1:05:27PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Im so cool (1:05:49PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: HAHAHAH stop stealing my identity (1:12:35PM 12/12/2020)
Hoe: Zen is too cool for us (1:39:03PM 12/12/2020)
Lol: Lol (1:42:55PM 12/12/2020)
Lol: Checking persistence (1:43:04PM 12/12/2020)
Beesley: Wow this looks amazing (1:48:35PM 12/12/2020)
Xorox: Wow (1:57:00PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Hahaha I'm not too cool for you, try to keep me humble (2:21:46PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Passed the persistence check? (2:22:14PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Thank you Beesley (2:22:26PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Thank you Xorox (2:22:53PM 12/12/2020)
Harsh Kapadia: Nice one, Zen! (3:01:13PM 12/12/2020)
Tp: Hey (3:14:49PM 12/12/2020)
Tp: This is great (3:14:59PM 12/12/2020)
Zeus: . (6:21:23PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Thankyou Harsh! :) (7:32:31PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Thanks Tp! (7:32:54PM 12/12/2020)
Virat Coolie: Hi (11:22:33PM 12/12/2020)
Zen: Thank you Virat haha nice name (11:31:54PM 12/12/2020)
Sasha: Hello! (7:27:02AM 13/12/2020)
Cookie: Hi (10:30:10AM 13/12/2020)
Zen: Hi Sasha! (12:48:04PM 13/12/2020)
Zen: Hey Cookie (12:48:09PM 13/12/2020)
Archit Vashishth: Hii (1:49:25PM 13/12/2020)
🙏: Hello (2:48:50PM 13/12/2020)
Zen: Hey! Thanks for trying out the chatroom! (9:00:48PM 13/12/2020)
Danny: Hi Zen (3:15:18AM 14/12/2020)
Zen: What’s up Danny (4:33:17AM 14/12/2020)
Jack: Whats up!! (10:16:13AM 14/12/2020)
Zen: Hey Jack thanks for checking this out! (5:56:12PM 14/12/2020)
Soniya Ramnani: Hi (11:36:29PM 14/12/2020)
Zen: Hi (11:37:15PM 14/12/2020)
Vaishnavi Bhojane: hii (6:08:23PM 15/12/2020)
Zen: Hey Vaishnavi (6:47:41PM 15/12/2020)
__t$e¢s-b€st-c0de₹: Here are some fun features you can add to this. (3:31:07AM 16/12/2020)
__t$e¢s-b€st-c0de₹: 1. "Are you a robot" check using captcha or something else so that nobody uses automated scripts to spam the chat. (3:32:53AM 16/12/2020)
__t$e¢s-b€st-c0de₹: 2. Spam filtering using DL. Just spin up some neural nets with tensorflow and train them with some textual emails or sms dataset on kaggle. Don't know how well PHP would support something like this though. (3:36:17AM 16/12/2020)
__t$e¢s-b€st-c0de₹: 3. Sending custom GIFs. Have a look at Giphy API. 👨‍💻 (3:37:55AM 16/12/2020)
__t$e¢s-b€st-c0de₹: Nice work and goodluck coding :) (3:38:57AM 16/12/2020)
Zen: Sounds good and thank for your feedback! These are some good ideas and I will look more into these. And thank you so much! (11:30:03PM 17/12/2020)
Cum nut: Yo ! (2:06:30AM 19/12/2020)
rob: hello (4:43:11AM 20/12/2020)
rob: nice chatroom (4:48:13AM 20/12/2020)
Zen: Hey rob, thank you! (2:44:47PM 20/12/2020)
zen: hey (10:21:06AM 22/12/2020)
Bob: hi (1:11:30PM 22/12/2020)
asd: zxc (3:07:46PM 22/12/2020)
qwe: zxc (3:07:51PM 22/12/2020)
X: Hello (2:15:35AM 26/12/2020)
Z: Hey (2:15:56AM 26/12/2020)
Patrik: Hey (9:30:19AM 26/12/2020)
Anubhav Bansal: maju aa raheli hai bidu (1:55:14PM 05/01/2021)
Anish: What are your charges (1:56:13PM 05/01/2021)
Prithvi: Veiry nise (11:37:02PM 08/01/2021)
Heeth: hii (12:42:09PM 10/01/2021)
Heeth: it seems nobody's here (12:42:26PM 10/01/2021)
Heeth: okay, cya (12:42:57PM 10/01/2021)
Heeth: this chatroom is nice, simple and effective....great work! (12:44:23PM 10/01/2021)
Zen: Hi Heeth, thank you so much! Thanks for dropping by :) (10:44:29AM 01/02/2021)
Zen: test (2:23:27PM 05/02/2021)
lol: hiii (9:51:52PM 24/02/2021)
Benny: ee kya majak pele ho (8:15:41PM 01/03/2021)
lol: hiu (12:48:58AM 09/03/2021)
test: ;;;;; (12:15:32AM 21/03/2021)

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